Pure Grain is a swell film company. It swells between one and forty people depending on the production.

Mostly, though, Pure Grain is Roberto Miller, writing and directing award winning films such as Mandorla, now available on AppleTV, Amazon , Vimeo, Google Play, and Gaia

All told, Pure Grain makes films that frame connections between the real world and the inner (non-physical) world. In the process, we hope this inspires seekers to journey from fear to wonder. 

We are based in Mountain View, San Francisco, and Lyon, France.

Projects in 2020 pipeline:

  • From Computers to Consciousness, post-production
  • The Four Lives of Federico Faggin, post-production
  • Ascension, in development

A notable footnote: Roberto made the first all-digital film, the award-winning Mail Bonding, as  featured  in American Cinematographer . He has also made commercials and videos for Silicon Valley companies such as Apple and HP, and Stanford University.


“Thank you for sharing such a treasure of beauty and authenticity. It is pure, guided, gently disruptive and full of magic. Thank you for inviting us on a journey into ourselves.”

—Aurelie Remy

Vosges, France

“”The film really touched me because of its theme—a change of life, a more real life, more attuned to what we want to live—a theme very familiar to me.”

—Christine Cerrina

Paris, France

“I have not found myself as spellbound from a movie in quite a few years. “Mandorla” kept my interest riveted until the very end. Am looking forward to Roberto Miller’s next cinematic effort.”

—Johnny DeBernard

Marin County, California

“I really loved the music, the camera work, the natural light and the actors’ performances. I also loved the atmosphere of ambiguity, uncertainty even confusion, the “anti-hero” quality of the main caracter, the fact that it triggers a process of questioning in the viewer’s mind, with no “pat” or “easy” answer.”

—Bruno Dalbiez

Woodbury, England